"When our attitudes outdistance our abilities, even the impossible becomes possible." - John Maxwell
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About Us

What is DIVARTE?

Two words describe our name Divarte! “Divine” and “Art.”  Our belief is that the ability to engender art in any expression is a Gift of Divine origin.  Our name bears no further mystery than to acknowledge that Who We Are is owed to our Creator!

Our Business

Divarte is a creative studio that encompasses all aspects of design related to the visual and written forms of communication. We are a young company with modern, fresh and innovative ideas, that operates with great responsibility and dedication, continually striving to satisfy each and every of its client’s needs, in a unique and personalized manner, providing bounteous options and resources including the latest trends in graphic design, web development, photography and video.

We take into consideration all the requirements of your project. We offer a credible analysis and honest assessment that will guide us toward reaching your goals and objectives.

We are firstly committed to God, whom we serve and give thanks for providing us with valuable clients as you.  The excellence that we demand on our projects is our way of honoring your expectations, but most importantly honoring the name of our God, The Supreme Creator.  We guarantee your project will be delivered with the best effort and execution.

Our Beliefs

In today’s world, it is difficult to have a clear understanding of an individual’s moral values and work ethic, even more so of a business as a whole. It is why we dedicate this section to avow where we stand and what we consider to be the most important matter for any one person. We believe that without the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ, we would not have a real purpose or journey to embark upon. We also believe that without His help our company would not exist, as only He can make our dreams become reality in due time.

We are aware that it is not customary or even politically correct for a company of any size to freely discuss its beliefs and convictions, however, for us it is the utmost importance and a matter that must not be ignored.  All of us at Divarte have been transformed by the love that Jesus Christ has demonstrated for us, and hope that in some way we may be able to extend that same love toward all others.

If there is any question in your mind after reading this, or you would like to know more about our faith, please contact us directly.  We would love to chat with you regarding what we believe and why. We do not wish to debate on theology, simply we wish to share, how God has changed our lives and how He can also change yours.

Having a successful web or design that exceeds your expectations or obtains the results you desire are matters of great importance, but nothing, in our opinion, is more important than the decision to receive Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. If you have not done so, this may be God’s time to coincide with you, do not let it pass you by!


Patricia and Team Divarte.

Tools we use most

  • Adobe Photoshop 100%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 75%
  • Adobe Flash 30%
  • Adobe LightRoom 95%
  • Adobe Premiere 70%
  • Adobe Affter Effects 45%
  • Adobe Ilustrator 35%
  • Corel Draw 55%
  • Microsoft Office 80%
  • Social Media 95%